Themometer target reached

Hi, we’re Dan (aged 14) and Luke (aged 10). You may not have heard of us but we’re brothers.

We feel that we are very fortunate to have grown up in a very privileged background, and feel that we take the basic things you need to live off for granted, such as food and water.

We’ve decided that we would like to raise some money for children that live in one of the largest slums in Africa. We’ve set ourselves the challenge of trying to raise £1000 by September 4th 2011 – which is the end of our summer holidays.

Most of these children only get one meal a day, and that is from the school that we’re trying to raise money for. It would be nice to feel that we have put a smile on someone’s face and make some people happy.

We’ve thought of lots of different ways to raise money such as sponsored walks, cake sales, mini-fetes, and door-to-door collections. We’re going to be working hard at this throughout our summer holidays, and we’d really appreciate it if you could help us achieve our goal by donating money on this website. Or maybe if you know us and live near us you could take part in some of our fundraising activities.

If you can help them reach their goal please get in touch via :

Many thanks Dan & Luke, and very best of luck!!