Hanada Orphanage

Hanada Orphange is an outreach programme that helps the extended family members to look after orphans. Tradiotionally this is how orphans were always cared for but due to the HIV pandemic the vast number of orphans means extended family members are unable to cope. Currently Hanada is helping over 300 orphans, though 70 need full support, including housing.

Hanada Orphanage helps provide support by providing seeds and fertiliser for crops, and giving the children clothes, food and books. Hanada is also in the process of building a centre for the orphanage which will comprise of a large kitchen, an office, a large meeting area and a storeroom. A well has already been built at the site to provide a supply of fresh water(however this does become flooded in the rainy season) and electricity will soon be connected as well. Bikes are also soon to be purchased so that the support workers can more easily monitor the children under our care. The last stage of the building work will be to provide housing for the 70 orphans who need full care. However this is a large project and more funds are always needed to improve the site and increase the amount of support we can give to each child.

In March 2010 Tribes foundation donated money for a borehole pump to supply fresh water even in the rainy season.Please contact Tribes Foundation to make a donation.

Hanada’s Wish List

  • A borehole pump, a water tank and water tank
  • A fence aroung Hanada
  • Bicycles
  • Veggie garden
  • School equipment

To get more infomation on Hanada Orphanage please visit http://www.kaingo.com/HanadaOrphanage.asp