The Travel Forest plants indigenous trees to offset the carbon emissions produced when you fly on holiday. Whilst this is the primary motivation for planting the trees, the project also works as a poverty alleviation scheme and also aims to combat environmental degradation

The Travel Forest plants 5 trees for each tonne of carbon to be offset. In 2009/10 the trees are being planted in northern Tanzania and Malawi, and they are all indigenous trees. Not only does this back the region in terms of biodviersity and soil erosion, but the trees will also bring an income to the poor communities who tend the saplings. The trees are left to grow for many years, providing shade for local people and livestock, and naturally-shed branches are used for firewood. Once sustainable replanting is established, the trees can be used for timber or firewood, thereby bringing in an income for the village.

If you would like to be a part of The Travel Forest scheme, please email us at

Ripple Africa

Ripple Africa is a large conservation programme which protects hundreds of square kilometres of forest in Malawi. The main aim of the project is to help the communities in the Nkhata Bay District by providing a small income for the families that tend the saplings.

Deforestation is a massive problem in Malawi and although large areas of forest still exist they are disappearing fast. Ripple Africa is vital project as it protects and plants indigenous trees creating a sustainable future for the forest. The forest also helps the local communities by providing timber, fire wood, and fruit.

Currently we are working with 100 community tree nurseries, each nursery will grow 3,000-6,000 trees. The nurseries employ many locals, which helps to provide a better quality of life of their families and the community as a whole. We help this wonderful project by providing money for the saplings, and equipment. Each stage of the nurseries progress will be monitored from nursery set up to seed sowing, and eventually tree planting. This means that we know exactly how our money is helping the community.

Ripple Africa is also a way of off-setting carbon emissions, for each person that travels with tribes 10 saplings are planted on this project.