Tanzania Children’s Village

Tanzania Children’s Village is a not for profit organisation formed to address the problems of Tanzania’s needy and orphaned children. Their ethos stems from their belief that when given the chance of an education, healthcare, and a family environment, they will become the force to shape Tanzania’s future.

What do they do?

Located in Oldeani Village, Tanzania, which is adjacent to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the Rift Valley, The Children’s Village provides a home, family and community for orphaned and vulnerable children. Here, they prepare them to become informed, resourceful and responsible citizens in their community and Tanzania. As of June 2009, the Children’s Village is home to 69 orphaned and abandoned children.

So far, the village consists of houses for children, staff and volunteers, an office and infirmary, library/pre-school, and recreation hall/community center. The size of the Children’s Village has been limited to ensure that a sense of community and family can be created and maintained. There are 5 Children’s Houses. Each Children’s House is a family of 12 children, 2 Tanzanian housemothers, and 2 volunteers. In addition, 9 children continue to live in the home of the executive director and founder. The housemothers are women from the villages of Karatu District, whose own children are grown. The volunteers have come from the U.S., Australia, U.K., and the Netherlands. More than 250 volunteers passed through the doors since they opened in January 2004.

Why is there a need for a Children’s Village?

The people of Oldeani earn less than $1 a day. The result is a growing population with 75% unemployment, high illiteracy rates and a life span of just 42 years. Many of the children have been orphaned because their parents have died from AIDS or AIDS related illnesses. Village and church leaders inform the Children’s Village Director about unwanted or at-risk orphaned children in the area. After careful research by social workers these children either come to join a family at the Children’s Village or join the KLR Program (Kids Living with Relatives). When children first arrive at the Children’s Village, they are usually suffering from malnutrition, weakened immune systems, various infections, and broken hearts. With proper medical care, a balanced diet, and a loving environment, these children soon become healthy and radiant, and able to enjoy their childhood in a safe environment.

How did we help?

In 2008 we sent a donation to help the Children’s village.  They have large ongoing costs, and they were trying to open a new ‘house’ to help yet more children.
Trustee, Amanda Marks, visited the village in 2012 and reported that the village is a happy place which is giving a great start to all the children.