Talatast Pre-School

In the village of Talatast there is a lovely project which aims to bring pre-schooling education to the children of this remote Berber village.A small school for 25 children has been created in this small village which is at 1100m altitude, around 1 and a half hours drive from Marrakech.

The inhabitants are extremely poor and live from subsistence farming and breeding goats as well as the making of traditional plain pottery. To work the kiln to fire this pottery, the inhabitants of the village do a great deal of damage to the environment by cutting wood and the rare bushes that grow in this area.

Part of this village development program is to help the villagers understand the danger of destroying their environment and trying to help them find alternative fuel.

So this project is about education in two ways:

  1. Educating the young children.
  2. Educating the adults about environmental protection to help them save their land and livelihood.