Lion proof cattle boma

One of the biggest challenges in conservation is the on-going human/wildlife conflict, and nowhere is this more evident than the areas surrounding Kenya’s Masai Mara.  When people incur losses of livestock due to predators, it causes friction and anger towards wildlife and this in turn results in a threat to conservation.

A simple and cost-effective way to combat this particular problem is to erect lion-proof cattle bomas where the cattle can be kept safely at night.  Where there is no conflict there is more opportunity to encourage conservation and for communities to live side by side with wildlife.  Constant monitoring of such attacks on livestock have shown that where bomas are in place, these attacks are reduced or eradicated altogether without the need to cull the perpetrators.

The Tribes Foundation has funded the building and materials of such a boma which costs just over $2500. Gamewatchers in Kenya will identify a family in the Ol Kinyei conservancy who has sustained a loss of livestock, and they will assist them in building a boma to keep their livestock safe.

It’s a small step towards finding a balance and living harmoniously – man, livestock and wildlife.  On this small scale it may not seem like much, but imagine if you were the farmer who had lost cattle, your livelihood to lion attacks, then the building of a boma would make an enormous difference.

We will keep you updated of the progress of this project, which without our generous donors, would not be possible.