Conservation in Action

The aim of Conservation in Action is to help generate revenue from sustainable economic activities. Primarily this will help five Huaorani communities to improve their quality of life. This programme also aims to conserve biodiversity within this area of rainforest.

Ecuadorian Amazon accounts for around 2% of the amazon basin, however it contains 33% of all its species. Although there are protected areas within the Ecuadorian Amazon this high biodiversity is under threat. Oil exploitation and subsequent colonisation is damaging the region and threating the culture of Amzonian communities. We work to create sustainable sources of revenue for local people, this will allow people in the region to have more choice in the development of their area. This will help increase their well being and increase protection of the regions high biodiversity.

In 2010 we helped these communities by supporting small local buismess, for instance a small community laundry in Quehuer’ono. We have also installed internet and power in the new high school at the ecolodge, and helped strengthen the Huaorani Ecotourism Association.