CARACAL (Centre for the Conservation of African Resources; Animals, Communities and Land Use) is a field based non-governmental organization, which was started in 2001 in recognition of the need to integrate traditional and scientific understanding of natural resources and promote partnership between Government and local communities in natural resource management.

What does CARACAL do?

Their programs focus on conflict between humans and wildlife, community based monitoring of natural resources and the strengthening of benefit streams and governance for improved rural livelihoods. CARACAL is the only indigenous conservation and rural development NGO in the Chobe Linyanti Kwando Wetlands within the Zambezi Basin.

CARACAL operates throughout Northern Botswana with a program focus in Chobe District in the Chobe Linyanti Kwando Wetlands System.

Their mission is to promote, develop and support conservation and research programs, which contribute to:

  • Sustainable wildlife utilisation
  • Wildlife conflict resolution
  • Endangered species management
  • Rescue of injured wildlife
  • Ecosystem health and natural resource management training of government staff, communities and school children.

Why does CARACAL exist?

Conflicts between humans and wildlife are escalating and have become a significant issue in conservation and land management. Human population growth coupled with wealth creation and agricultural intensification has led to an expansion of human activity and the fragmentation of many natural habitats. A as a consequence, the distribution and movement of wild animal species has been restricted. This in turn has led to direct conflicts between wildlife and humans, intensifying negative attitudes towards wildlife and undermining community based conservation initiatives. The causes of this biological interaction and the social response of humans is a critical issue facing wildlife conservation today. A number of conservationists believe that the outcome of this conflict will have a major impact on the future distribution and diversity of wildlife populations in developing nations.

How has The Tribes Foundation helped?

In April 2010, we donated funds towards a conservation and education project aimed at empowering 160 children living in the Chobe District of Botswana. This is a formalised conservation education programme, which currently runs three afternoons per week. With your help, we hope to be able to expand the number of children who can benefit from such an imaginative project.

To find out more visit the CARACAL website