Bibi Jan, Dar es Salaam

Bibi Jann Children’s Care Trust has been set up to help children orphaned by AIDs.  A whole generation of parents have been wiped out by AIDs and it has fallen to elderly widowed grandmothers to look after their grandchildren on less than $1 a day.

Bibi Jann Children’s Care Trust helps to keep the children in school, to provide medical care, to help the grandmothers set up buisnesses to help sustain their families and to provide HIV/AIDs education to them all.

Grandmas in the Bibi shopAt the moment Bibi Jann runs a small orphanage, a store, a school and a housing complex for homeless grandmothers and their grandchildren. Hopefully with more donations Bibi Jann Children’s Care Trust can continue to grow the businesses and maintain the children in school.

How we’ve helped

In March 2010 Tribes Foundation donated money to set up a street front shop where the grandmothers (called Bibi’s) can sell food to the local villages as well as cleaning products.