Join our tribe and help us alleviate poverty, conserve endangered wildlife, and protect earth’s environmental diversity.

As the world’s biggest industry, travel really can be a force for the positive if you pick your holiday responsibly, and act sensitively when travelling.

For those of us fortunate enough to be able to travel, our eyes, hearts and minds can be opened to some incredible sights and experiences. Travel is also our chance to expand our knowledge of life in other countries, which includes recognising the poverty in which many people live, especially in developing countries. Many people returning from exotic holidays approached the trustees wanting to help, and the concept of the foundation was born. Whether or not you choose to buy a fairly traded or responsible holiday, you now have the opportunity to help improve aspects of life for many people in poor regions through The Tribes Foundation.

Why should those of us with money be able to come and take the best of a country without thinking of the consequences?

Often our presence as tourists can mean using precious resources (such as water) needed by local people, hotels being built on farming land without proper compensation to the local owners, wildlife being disturbed, and communities marginalised to make way for tourism. The Tribes Foundation believes that a country and its resources belong to the local people first, and that they, their traditions and their environment need to be protected from negative impacts of tourism. Only within such parameters does tourism seem fair.The charity backs poverty alleviation, education, cultural preservation and conservation projects within areas affected by tourism.The charity was set up by the directors of Tribes, the Fair Trade Travel™ company in 2003. The trustees apply the following aims to the charity’s funds:

  • The relief of poverty of indigenous communities in areas impacted by tourism outside of the United Kingdom.
  • The advancement of education of indigenous communities in areas impacted by tourism outside of the UK.
  • To promote and preserve cultural heritage and ecological bio-diversity for the public benefit in areas impacted by tourism outside of the UK, by the provision of financial assistance.

Anyone can apply to the foundation for backing if their project fits the above aims. Many of the projects currently marked for help have been put forward by tourism companies within the relevant countries, who are themselves approached for help by their local communities. Parts of the tourism industry really do want to help improve life for local people affected by their presence. With your help The Tribes Foundation will help them achieve this.