Join our tribe and help us alleviate poverty, conserve endangered wildlife, and protect earth’s environmental diversity for the benefit of us all.

The Tribes Foundation ceased operating on 30th September 2023.

The Tribes Foundation was set up by world travellers.  We know clearly from what we have seen on our travels that even small acts of kindness and help can make a lot of difference, especially in less-developed countries.

You don’t have to be a traveller to back this Foundation, but tourism tends to be a key player in the areas we work.

We pick small grassroots projects to help, where even small amounts of money can make really positive changes.  Our projects are in areas of the world where poverty is rife, and where help in the form of feeding programmes, education, and wildlife & environmental conservation, is badly needed.

The Wildlife Tribe:  Some of us have a particular passion to help wildlife.  We want to see rhinos being protected from senseless slaughter; we want to stop gorillas being killed for trophies; we want tigers to be saved from extinction.  Sadly, the list goes on.

We back projects which protect and conserve endangered wildlife, and help with human/wildlife conflicts.

The Human Tribe:  Others of us find the reality of poverty, abuse, and death from easily avoided disease too difficult to ignore.

We help fund education and feeding programmes for children in poverty, and give help to adults in ways which allow them to help themselves and their families.

The Environment Tribe: And then there are those of us who feel strongly that unless our planet’s natural resources, such as rainforests and our oceans, are protected everyone will suffer in the long term.

We plant trees to help deforestation and soil erosion, and encourage alternative income methods to logging and oil exploitation in sensitive natural areas.

Which tribe would you join?  Or would you be happy to help where help was needed most?

The Trustees

The charity was set up in 2003 by Amanda & Guy Marks and operated until October 2023. Amanda& Guy ran the Fair Trade Travel™ company, Tribes Travel. Founded on award-winning sustainable tourism ethics, the company is a leader in its field. Tribes Travel passed to new owners in February 2023.
In 2012 they were joined at the Foundation  by Karen Coe as a trustee. Karen is a director of the successful ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’.