• The Tribes Foundation

    The Tribes Foundation

    Join our tribe and help us alleviate poverty, conserve endangered wildlife, and protect earth’s environmental diversity. As the world’s biggest industry, travel really can be a force for the positive if you pick your holiday responsibly, and act sensitively when travelling. For those of us fortunate enough to be able to travel, our eyes, hearts and minds […]

  • The wildlife tribe

    The Wildlife Tribe

    We want to see rhinos protected from senseless slaughter; to stop gorillas being killed for trophies; to save tigers from extinction.  We back projects which protect and conserve endangered wildlife, and help with human/wildlife conflicts.

  • The human tribe

    The Human Tribe

    The reality of poverty, abuse, and death from easily avoided disease is too difficult to ignore. We help fund education and feeding programmes for children in poverty, and give help to adults in ways which allow them to help themselves and their families.

  • The environment tribe

    The Environment Tribe

    We back the preservation of our planet’s natural resources by planting trees to help deforestation and soil erosion, and encouraging alternative income methods such as tourism instead of logging and oil exploitation in sensitive natural areas.